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Quick one.

I got a mail from the people over at asking me for a couple of “budget-busting” tips for the site for budget day (big one for them, apparently).

I am, of course, as creative as a banana skin. See? Crap metaphor.

So I thought I’d throw it out to you. As bizarre as possible, please as I’m sure the other RTE heads they’re asking will be coming up with the usual “reuse your teabags”, “shop around for petrol” mullarkey.



(And yes, I know that’s the British budget box but we don’t have one…)

12 thoughts on “Blog Budget Busters…

  1. -stop giving politicians company cars and people to mind them. I dont get one welcome to the real world.
    – i dont charge the state for sending politicians nonsensical [fit for fire lighters] paper printed crap – how come they can?
    – the state doesn’t pay ‘my pension’ – definitely not a big fat one one anyway. why don’t they make their own contributions!

    if you’re gonna trim the fat – why don’t they start with themselves. And while we’re at it… Yo Enda – yeah Kenny?! I’d say you’d disagree with yourself and the neighbours dog. Put a sock in it, make a decision and take note of the above points.

    At least Sargeant cycles to work and saves the state ‘some’ money…

    Yours sincerely

    ps coffee’s on if any of you wanna drop around and give me a hand with the business… or does that matter to you. And before you start off – I/ we pay your wages. Work for them!

    aaaaaaaaaaaaah! that feels better [sorry rick! enjoyed that]

  2. Junior ministers, what are they for ?

    Install parking meters at the big carpark they have at the back of Leinster house (I remember when it was a massive garden before they tarmac’ed over it). Everyone else has to pay to park in town so why not them too !

    This might be a bit controversial, but if someones children aren’t living with them in Ireland then why do we pay childrens allowance for these non-resident children….Might reduce the social and family affairs bill a bit !

    Grandad has a fair point, but I think he’s just hanging around until someone arrives to take over…we don’t want to be stuck with the clontarf Chins or the lanky saturday bloke !
    Ever thought of doing some TV rick ??

  3. It’s that kind of talk that gets passing pedestrians killed Greenink (Well if the readers live in a 4th floor apartment it does anyway)

  4. Students should get on the government’s ass about tv licences. In the UK they will reimburse you 3 months of your 12 month licence if you are not using it i.e. if you’re in student accom and home for the summer. It probably doesn’t work out as that much, but every little helps and all that!

    Bring in your bus receipts and get the few cents. Why should Dublin Bus have all the fun?

    Drive a classic car – no nct, and sweet deals on tax and insurance. Hmm, maybe not. They break down a lot.

    Take a look over your current bills and packages. Phone tariffs for example – can probably be improved upon for value.

    Use your web texts

    Miser, me.

  5. Buy a flask. Fill it with coffee/tea each day and use it instead of take away coffee/tea. Same goes for hip flasks too (great for espresso)

    Keep an eye on free events and attend them. You get a free night out, and if there are serving food, you won’t need to spend it on dinner.

    Learn how to dumpster dive. You might get food, usable planks for a DIY project, usable hard drives and computer equipment to try to things with, or you might get blackmail material to help flesh out your budget.

  6. Don’t wash for a month.

    You’ll save on soap, shampoo, toothpaste, washing powder, underwear. You won’t be allowed on public transport, so you’ll save money there. And no self respecting prostitute will touch your cheesy end, meaning you’ll have to go with the cheap as chips skank bags – saving you more money.

    Oh, and buy Lidl tea bags. Their made by Robt Roberts, I learned that on a factory tour for work once.

  7. Save on electricity bills, tie a string from you bedpost to the toilet seat. In the middle of the night when you have to go, straddle the string and slide your way to the toilet therefore saving several cents.

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