Breathless With Anticipation

Empire’s 100 covers are finally out, got the one I really wanted at first try. What were the odds?



But here’s the rub. I’ve looked over the 500, felt very, very old that I’ve seen 349(!) of them but felt very strange at some that didn’t make the cut.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know whenever any of these sort of things are compiled by public vote there are always going to be things you’re going to disagree with. But these?


School Of Rock

Superbad… *tumbleweed rolls across the blog*

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Transformers (which incidentally come 4 places above Battleship Potemkin)


Not included (means that I think I would have put them in if I had any say in the matter):

The Great Dictator

Metropolis (WTF!?!?!?!?)

Million Dollar Baby

The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg

The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert

West Side Story

Guys & Dolls

Bonnie & Clyde

Sullivan’s Travels

Dead Poet’s Society

The Big Sleep

The Birds

ANY film featuring Godzilla.



Great, great issue though all in all…

11 thoughts on “Breathless With Anticipation

  1. Feck ya now. I had to settle for Close Encounters. Really wanted Lebowski. I haven’t read much of it at all. School of Rock & Superbad?! Wtf. Dead Poets not being there is an absolute crime.

  2. ANY film featuring Godzilla? I’m assuming you’re not including Godzilla (1998) in that cos…well c’mon.

  3. Well it was a pre-emptive strike for you and your ‘You never read the words in my posts, do you….?’ comment. It’s hard to read the words that aren’t there now isn’t it 😛

  4. School Of Rock – Funny, but top 100, don’t think so.

    Superbad – That was pretty generic guy comedy, I enjoyed it but there’ll be another 6 like it in the next 5 years…It will be no more memorable than say “American Pie”

    Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull – Haven’t seen this yet as was away when it was out and didn’t fancy seeing it dubbed in Italian but I seriously doubt it can live up to the previous 3 (and the 3rd was pretty poor)

    Transformers – It was good but not a classic really.

    I couldn’t believe that Cyrano de Bergerac with Depardieu didn’t make the list…surely one of the best foreign language films ever.

    And Point break is 1 place above fargo….that alone tells you there’ll be dodgy decisions and placings a plenty !

    I’m sensing some handy christmas presents here…Lawrence of Arabia cover for the mother, Titanic for the sister, Ferris Bueller for the brother !

  5. Rp – Not sure I should be taking movie recommendation off you any more… okay Ill go see if my “American Cousins” have it in their collection.

  6. Wha? No Bonnie and Clyde?! I picked up Empire in Manchester airport last weekend (flight delayed badly and wanted a comedy cover to cheer me up so went for Spinal Tap) but never noticed the ones that should have made the cut, so overwhelming is the list.

    And Transformers MUST be better than Battleship Potemkin on the basis that the latter features fighting machines that alas only take on one form. It’s called the T2>Terminator formula and you KNOW it makes sense.

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