Breathless With Anticipation

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Empire’s 100 covers are finally out, got the one I really wanted at first try. What were the odds?     But here’s the rub. I’ve looked over the 500, felt very, very old that I’ve seen 349(!) of them but felt very strange at some that didn’t make the cut. Now don’t get me wrong, I know whenever any of these sort of things are compiled by public vote there are always going to be things you’re going to disagree with. But these? Included in the 500 BEST FILMS EVER MADE SINCE THE DAWN OF CINEMA: School Of Rock […]

The Lighthouse

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Finally made it to the new Lighthouse on Sunday!!!!! And what a glory of nature it is too so I got my design geek and my movie geek fixes all in one…     Like what’s on at the moment. Started with XXY. Very strange but my speed nonetheless. (Note to self – must review it later)     Then just wandered around for a while taking furtive snaps in case someone gave out to me, something of which I’m frequently afraid in life.   It’s very, very different from the old Lighthouse, obviously but it was always going to […]