Book Fifty One

Book Fifty One 2014: 

Selfish, Whining Monkeys by Rod Liddle


I’ll be honest here – I knew I probably wasn’t going to agree with everything Rod Liddle has to say in this book but I’m a huge believer in not always reading inside ever decreasing circles and so…

The thing that did astonish me was how much of what he said I was nodding my head to (a fair amount). It’s a ranty, neither left nor right series of sort-of connected chapters about how people today have pissed away everything previous generations worked for because of things like easy credit, easy divorce and us becoming more and more self-obsessed.

I did end up skimming a bit but again I say I did agree with some of what was going on here so it was an experiment well worth doing.

If you like this, maybe you’ll like the rest…