Book Review – Neurologic by Elizer J Sternberg


Briefly, this is an occasionally interesting, sometimes factually dense, ever so often dull series of chapters on neurology. If you’ve read Oliver Sacks over the years or even Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast And Slow or the like, I’m afraid you might not find much new here.

I did love the section on certain types of epileptic seizures potentially leading to religious conversion even if that did scare the bejeesus *into* me. That was a new one. As was the idea of athletes doing “mental training” when coming back from an injury (literally imaging themselves out on the track or bike).

Solid, worth your time if you’re new to the subject but a lot of stuff I’ve seen before.

One thought on “Book Review – Neurologic by Elizer J Sternberg

  1. For people interested in the brain, I’d definitely recommend David Eagleman’s TV series The Brain, which aired on BBC Four recently. Excellent stuff.

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