Book Review – Salvage by Keren David


Cass is adopted, her father is an MP who has just become embroiled in a scandal with his assistant and has left her mother. Aidan is her long lost brother whose life took a very different road of foster homes, an abusive stepfather and being tossed out in to the real world at 16. Through a twist of fate they end up reconnecting…

Loved this, genuinely. She manages to write both characters voices so well while dealing with the cruel reality of one kid who takes the high road and one who doesn’t. Yes it’s a nature versus nurture story but she’s never flip or takes the easy road either in the story of a posh girl on the way to Cambridge with her life falling apart or the tough kid at a crossroads.


(Salvage is one of the books I judged for the UK & Ireland YA Book Prize 2015)