But Is It Art…..?

LOVE Justin Gignac.

He came into us after St Patrick’s Day when he’d been collecting garbage in Dublin to cube and sell and even sent me one of the NYC ones for myself!

Now he has a new idea…. See these?

You buy one of these paintings and they buy what’s pictured with the proceeds. Simple. The abs are a month’s gym membership, The stack of money is called “financial security” and is going for $1,000,000…
Have a look HERE and have a listen to him talk about it on the show after 3…

2 thoughts on “But Is It Art…..?

  1. i met him when he was over for the festival, such a lovely chap, he had this table set up…just with rubbish all over it. Was cool!

  2. I don’t doubt he’s a great guy and everything and this is a really nice idea, following along the lines of one red paper clip, million dollar home page and so on. We all have needs though and is this not just a form of begging, albeit with something nice to hang on a wall after throwing down some dollars?

    The two charity item amounts pale in comparison to the other wants there… I think I would rather put my money down on something like http://www.yournameontoast.com – in fact, I’ll put $50 down since it all goes to oxfam. All that’s needed now are a few more contributers from the listenership and the great Rick O’Shea of 2fm can have his name on toast! How bout setting a $500 target and be the top toast?

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