One thought on “Vomit Inspiration…

  1. Sickner! She would have been better off just ignoring it and not mentioning MENSTRUAL PAINS of all things!!!

    Some great stories there today. Sitting in work with earphones in and laughing out loud.

    I’m the girl who puked in her manager’s bin. I’m also the girl who had a friend hanging out my car window while she puked when I couldn’t pull in at Bunratty.

    Didn’t tell ye though about my best friend’s hen night. All wore cowboy hats (this was back when they were cool, before EVERY hen night started wearing them). Anyway, I was in a bad way that night. The hen’s sister doesn’t drink so she was taxi for the night. Picked us up at pub to bring us up to the stags at the end of the night except I was too unwell to leave the car. Got dropped home anyway, slept the whole way back into town (about 16km of twisty country roads into town). Woke up outside my house and puked into my cowboy hat. Following Wednesday at the wedding, men kept coming up asking was I recovered. Turns out the rest of the girls were in with the stags for a good 2 hours (lockin, country pub) and someone would come out and check on me every few minutes to see I was ok. So mortified!!

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