Craft Beer For The Summer

Well, I don’t know about you but the moment the sun pops out for its annual 6 day pilgrimage to Ireland I feel the need to grab beers I like and sup them preferably in an outdoor setting…

As usual, some thing I’ve had recently I think you might like include…


Look, I know it’s fairly hard to come by at this stage but I sensibly squirrelled a case of it away when it came out and this is number three. It is SPECTACULAR…


The baby above is Solemn Black, the new Black IPA also from Galway Bay and their new head brewer. Lovely stuff…

WP_20160517_21_56_06_Pro WP_20160529_14_14_41_Pro

WP_20160601_21_21_18_Pro WP_20160604_18_59_05_Pro

Some old and new Brewdogs came my way as well. I think Monk Hammer was the one I was most taken by.

WP_20160521_17_26_54_Pro WP_20160521_20_05_19_Pro

WP_20160526_19_31_41_Pro WP_20160605_18_18_58_Pro

InstagramCapture_3bf0c147-0583-4f4f-910c-7e89e949e78b InstagramCapture_de72c72e-f5be-4424-9a97-ef3bcd699a16

All of the above are new and interesting too…



Both of the above are ones that fell into my lap when looking for something suitable to drink a few years ago in San Francisco doing the radio show and both are now seemingly available here in well-priced sixpacks…

And finally…


I’ve had a lot of this recently and it’s an old familiar. Light, beautiful and perfect for the summer. I’m 100% going to check out their pop-up pub Beerkat when I’m over there in the next few weeks.

More next month.

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