Craft Beer – Dec 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these (there was sunshine in my last bloody one!) so let’s get on with it.

Some *exceptional* beers around at the moment including…

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Even if that last Brewdog one is the spiciest beer I’ve ever tasted… Small doses!

Plenty of other great beers tried recently along the lines of…

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wp_20161029_17_03_59_pro wp_20161102_19_48_15_pro

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And finally good to see Franciscan Well canning and the Celebration Brew growler they sent me was absolutely super…



Next – the listing for this year’s Twelve Pubs Of Craftmas

The Craft Beers Of Spain


I’m only now just realising I completely forgot to do a thing on all of the Spanish craft beers I tried on holiday during the Summer and the top notch place I found them in…

So, first things first – I was in the hills just above a little town called Frigiliana in Andalucia. A tiny beautiful town just north of a much bigger one on the coast called Nerja.

To be honest I thought the chances of finding anything crafty were slim to none until I Googled the week before I left and found this…






La Domadora Y El Leon used to be in Nerja, now it’s set up on the tiny street you see above with the vast, VAST selection of stuff you see above. Some international, lots of local, they even brew their own award-winning beer and have it on tap if you fancy sitting down…


I bought the stash of stuff you see below, all very decent, some more than others. Pretty much none of which are available back home in Ireland.

wp_20160903_18_58_19_pro wp_20160903_18_58_32_pro

wp_20160903_18_58_44_pro wp_20160903_18_59_01_pro

wp_20160903_18_59_24_pro wp_20160903_18_59_35_pro

wp_20160903_19_00_02_pro wp_20160903_19_00_12_pro

wp_20160903_19_00_32_pro wp_20160903_19_00_46_pro

Still, if you’re in that part of Spain next year it’s a beautiful town and worth going out of your way to visit…

It’s Beer-n A Long Time…

Yeah, I know. Terrible.

Just realised today that it was July the last time I stuck together some pics on craft beers I’ve had over the Summer so let’s remedy that…


First one is a little Galway recommendation (even if it is from a crap picture). As both of the brilliant Galway Bay bars are outside the very centre of the city (Oslo is in Salthill, The Salthouse is over the Corrib Bridge beyond Jury’s Inn) the spot for one if you’re around Eyre Square could be O’Connell’s. All the above taps come from there.

Speaking of which…


The GB collaboration with Cigar City Brewing is a fine (if temporary) addition to the range.

In terms of the best stuff I’ve had over the Summer there have been many, many fine tastes. In particular I still have some Stone and Yeastie Boys stashed away. Hop Fiction comes around far. far too rarely, everything Northern Monk makes is usually super…

wp_20160716_19_10_29_pro wp_20160716_21_58_06_pro

wp_20160721_19_23_30_pro wp_20160730_15_25_44_pro

wp_20160731_19_32_19_pro wp_20160820_17_56_06_pro

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wp_20160731_20_24_53_pro wp_20160823_18_59_00_pro

And on top of that a few other bits and pieces you might like…

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wp_20160723_21_43_25_pro wp_20160723_18_24_37_pro

wp_20160721_21_28_28_pro wp_20160716_20_15_14_pro


More to come on the craft beers of Spain…

Craft Beer – July 2016

Yeah, I’m getting less creative with the titles, aren’t I?

I should start with the arrival in Ireland (in can and on tap) of Stone Brewing beers. Love the IPA and the Arrogant Bastard is very, very impressive…



Another couple of things I’m going to tease you with that you probably can’t get (sorry!) are from a trip to London a while back. One from The Craft Beer Co in Clerkenwell, one from Rake in Southwark. There’s also a whole post about the Beavertown pop-up pub I encountered over HERE.



Tons of other nice bits and pieces around at the moment in cans…

WP_20160702_20_01_08_Pro WP_20160619_18_43_21_Pro

WP_20160621_20_23_29_Pro WP_20160617_20_46_54_Pro

Loved all of the below…

WP_20160706_21_48_11_Pro WP_20160621_19_20_54_Pro



And some other bits and pieces tried during the same period and all worth your time as well…

WP_20160612_22_28_38_Pro WP_20160617_20_46_47_Pro

WP_20160618_19_00_00_Pro WP_20160702_20_52_33_Pro

All the old stuff HERE, more next month 😉


We were in London recently and how could I not make the trip out to Norf Lahndan to the Beavertown pop-up pub Beerkat?

Spent a very pleasant afternoon there, food was cheap and great, vibe was lovely, the bar is airy and opens out onto the street. Downsides? Prices were hefty and we were a 5 minute walk from the Emirates 😉 Not bad, all in all.

If you’re over, get there soon as it’s only open for 4 weeks. They do, however, seem to have a Siren takeover coming this weekend.

Make the trip.











Loved it 🙂

Craft Beer For The Summer

Well, I don’t know about you but the moment the sun pops out for its annual 6 day pilgrimage to Ireland I feel the need to grab beers I like and sup them preferably in an outdoor setting…

As usual, some thing I’ve had recently I think you might like include…


Look, I know it’s fairly hard to come by at this stage but I sensibly squirrelled a case of it away when it came out and this is number three. It is SPECTACULAR…


The baby above is Solemn Black, the new Black IPA also from Galway Bay and their new head brewer. Lovely stuff…

WP_20160517_21_56_06_Pro WP_20160529_14_14_41_Pro

WP_20160601_21_21_18_Pro WP_20160604_18_59_05_Pro

Some old and new Brewdogs came my way as well. I think Monk Hammer was the one I was most taken by.

WP_20160521_17_26_54_Pro WP_20160521_20_05_19_Pro

WP_20160526_19_31_41_Pro WP_20160605_18_18_58_Pro

InstagramCapture_3bf0c147-0583-4f4f-910c-7e89e949e78b InstagramCapture_de72c72e-f5be-4424-9a97-ef3bcd699a16

All of the above are new and interesting too…



Both of the above are ones that fell into my lap when looking for something suitable to drink a few years ago in San Francisco doing the radio show and both are now seemingly available here in well-priced sixpacks…

And finally…


I’ve had a lot of this recently and it’s an old familiar. Light, beautiful and perfect for the summer. I’m 100% going to check out their pop-up pub Beerkat when I’m over there in the next few weeks.

More next month.

You May Like These Craft Beers…

Another month, another few ideas for things you might like to stick in the fridge and then stick in front of you…

First off, a location. We ended up in The Villager in Chapelizod at a birthday party. Downstairs seems fairly ordinary but the upstairs has been completely revamped – full of cocktails, craft beers in bottle and a nice vibe. Worth a wander if you’re out there.


Tried the first of the new Yellowbelly series of beers – you have to love whoever is doing their graphics for them…


8 Degrees have a a new one, and yes they have.


And a thought. I had forgotten just how sold the St. Mel’s Pale Ale is until I was in a hotel at the weekend and it was the only thing that caught my eye. Glad it did.


Then a few other things were sampled too…

WP_20160401_11_51_17_Pro WP_20160403_15_40_19_Pro

WP_20160421_19_25_32_Rich WP_20160506_21_24_10_Pro

WP_20160403_19_20_56_Pro WP_20160421_20_35_34_Rich


More next month – you can read all the old stuff HERE.