Craft Beer – Dec 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these (there was sunshine in my last bloody one!) so let’s get on with it.

Some *exceptional* beers around at the moment including…

wp_20161015_22_36_30_pro wp_20161104_21_22_53_pro

af2b80a5-a151-4881-b9a8-5708bc7780aa wp_20161009_17_17_12_pro

Even if that last Brewdog one is the spiciest beer I’ve ever tasted… Small doses!

Plenty of other great beers tried recently along the lines of…

wp_20160924_18_58_46_pro wp_20160924_20_29_41_pro

wp_20160926_20_52_01_pro 7d3b3581-c556-457a-a882-2c75079b68dc

wp_20161002_17_40_48_pro 11cfdb4c-e0c0-4ccb-b53f-c569956973fe

wp_20161009_16_53_44_pro wp_20161009_19_51_28_pro

wp_20161010_19_50_02_pro wp_20161016_16_26_29_pro

wp_20161022_22_37_39_pro wp_20161022_23_41_49_pro

wp_20161029_17_03_59_pro wp_20161102_19_48_15_pro

wp_20160921_21_14_49_pro wp_20160921_22_45_44_pro

And finally good to see Franciscan Well canning and the Celebration Brew growler they sent me was absolutely super…



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