Craft Beer – July 2016

Yeah, I’m getting less creative with the titles, aren’t I?

I should start with the arrival in Ireland (in can and on tap) of Stone Brewing beers. Love the IPA and the Arrogant Bastard is very, very impressive…



Another couple of things I’m going to tease you with that you probably can’t get (sorry!) are from a trip to London a while back. One from The Craft Beer Co in Clerkenwell, one from Rake in Southwark. There’s also a whole post about the Beavertown pop-up pub I encountered over HERE.



Tons of other nice bits and pieces around at the moment in cans…

WP_20160702_20_01_08_Pro WP_20160619_18_43_21_Pro

WP_20160621_20_23_29_Pro WP_20160617_20_46_54_Pro

Loved all of the below…

WP_20160706_21_48_11_Pro WP_20160621_19_20_54_Pro



And some other bits and pieces tried during the same period and all worth your time as well…

WP_20160612_22_28_38_Pro WP_20160617_20_46_47_Pro

WP_20160618_19_00_00_Pro WP_20160702_20_52_33_Pro

All the old stuff HERE, more next month šŸ˜‰