Credit Where Credit’s Due

So many people have said so many lovely things about The Lives Of Others since I brought it out of the shadows this week, many crediting me with being “great” or “fab” for the idea, which I do think is a brilliantly simple one. However, it ain’t me babe…

The idea for the blog was suggested to me by one of my closest friends a while back. He’s an occasional blogger on a group blog and was always facinated by secrets, anonymity and just how much we’re willing to reveal about our inner selves. However he is far too busy and important(!) to take that ball and run with it himself, thus he suggested we set up the project together. His idea, my elbow grease. I’m never one to shirk a challenge.

So, in the interestes of transparency the idea and the strapline “Many voices, one mouth” are all his and he is one of the writers, all the ongoing donkey work and the actual name “The Lives Of Others” are mine. So even the structure of the blog, one idea, one setter-upper, many innumerable anonymous writers is unique too.

Credit where credit’s due, and thanks to everyone who has blogrolled, posted about, mailed me and said they’ll think about writing posts (I, of course, don’t know if you will or not!)

For some reason you all see the same light over this project we do, it’s very gratifying.

5 thoughts on “Credit Where Credit’s Due

  1. It is a great idea and I think its in our nature to delve in to other peoples secrets even if we dont know who they are, its fulfilling, in a neanderthal instinctive way… like when you were small and you wantet to spy on your enemies, but in this blog, its not enemies, but people who go through exactly what you go through, and people think they are alone when they are not, and even tho they are anon, I want to reach out and hug these people for shating their inner secrets. it is brill no matter who came up with it!!!

  2. you didnt blog today.. which is very unusual. did i miss a UK long weekend holiday? hope you’re not sick. (maybe i should say ill and not sick 😉 )

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