Cross Word

10 across.

Needs or demands ( 8 )


It’s the only one I didn’t get this morning.

No, I don’t want you to tell me, yes I realise I could look it up on the net but where’s the fun in that?


17 thoughts on “Cross Word

  1. Shite.

    If that’s so then I have 4 down wrong!!!! The whole world is starting to unravel…

    The 4 down (Be filled with wonder – 6 letters) isn’t MARVEL… But still starts with M and ends in EL.


  2. Rick, won’t give you the answer, but will say put your name in front of the clue and read it aloud.

    Grandad’s right.

  3. REQUIRES!!!!



    Jesus. How simple was that? Where did the blind spot come from?

    Will let yiz know if I need anything tomorrow 😉

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