Jay B


Experiment time.

I have 6 tickets for Jay Z in the RDS this coming Thursday the 26th.

I thought I might invite 5 fellow bloggers to join me.

You in?

If 5 or less ask to come then everyone gets to go, if it’s more then it’s names in the hat time.

It’ll be a blogger night out with a difference.

Leave a comment. Motherfucker.

40 thoughts on “Jay B

  1. Right, it will be a hat at this stage so 🙂 WIll let this run foir a couple of days and then do the draw…

    GI, you in or out? 😉

  2. Hey Rick hows tricks? Long time reader first time Replyer(If that is a word) I thk i sud defo jump into that magic hat of yours as i am fluent in the native dialect of HipHop(I kid u not) a HipHop Speaking”White Boy” Indie Kid…I have travelled the world mastering the Mystical Slangjezzy from Ancient HippyHop/B-Wop Druid Masters and of the 1980’s..Word..And Speak EastCoast(All 5 Boroughs) Westside, ChiTown and Dirty South..Thus i can offer u my Powers OF interpretation(Free of Charge of course) hence suppling u with the “LOWDOWN” not to be confused with “ON THE DOWN LOW” Term reffering to Homosexual act performed by married Closet Homosexual men…See wat i mean just the tip of the iceberg with regards my Powers…LOL Neways Love the Show/Blog et al and it wud give a break from my BioChemistrty Disertation

  3. if you’re up for airfare and if i can crash on your couch for the night, then add me to the hat 🙂 (i’m being silly of course – i dont even like JayZ 🙂 )

  4. Cant believe i missed this! SHIT

    ben throws his name into a already vanished hat. . .

    wat up bitchesss

  5. Ah fug that!

    On second thoughts , take my name out of the hat, not only will i not be around, but i can’t get my mam to sign the permission slip cause she’s on holidays. . .

    But never let it be said that i didn’t wanna smoke yo foooolzzzz

    i got 99 problems but me ma’ ain’t one. .


  6. I’d like my name in the virtual hat. I think it’s high time I finally got out and met others even if I am a touch too old for this sort of thing 🙂

  7. “60 Percent of the Time, It works every time” Thats the name of my blog, and your blog is my inspiration, and i listen to you almost every day (see I’m honest wit the almost!) and I’m a student(e.g. broke) and great craic and , o wait I’m post number 19, and I’m just, dam it! am I too late?? Consider me Hero Rick. Dave . http://iflyjetz.com/blog

  8. Bugger, crap and other such words – not around next week but consider me volunteered for the next event, assuming there is one.

  9. I’m off to the People’s Republic that night – but sister-in-law would love to go. Not a blogger, can I donate my blog in her name??

  10. Unless something comes up within the next 9 hours consider my name for this magic hat. I can’t resist Jigga. Hell, I might buy tickets tomorrow anyways.

  11. Jaysus Rick, you’ll do anything for comments. How about you give away that disposable cup that Miriam used? I think you’d get a few hundred comments for that.

  12. Eh flirty, i eh like have two tickets to whatever show ya want. . i have a hat here if you want your eh name thrown in loike? See the thing is the hat only loike fits two names ya know . . eh

  13. Hi Rick,
    Can I throw someone else’s hat in the Ring?
    Pat of MaxRoam and Twitterfone would probably appreciate a ticket.
    Or is that against the rules?

  14. Shuddup Ben, have you ever met Flirty…? 😉

    Lexi, that cup is mine and mine only…

    Maxi… Eh…. You’re breaking up there….. Schwwwwwwschshshshwwwwwwwwww……

    Right, will keep this open til tomorrow and then the hat thing…

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