Curious George…

I was a bit apprehensive about the movie on Sunday morning. I’m a huge fan of Margret and H.A. Rey’s original stories and illustrations but it turns out it’s all dealt with quite prettily, goes relatively easy on the schmaltz and was thoroughly enjoyed by all (including my 2 year old who was at her first big screen experience!)

Jack Johnson’s songs really help – the album is great if you like his other stuff. I know that conventional cel animation is allegedly on the decline but this is one worth sticking your neck out to go and see…

Saw Kinky Boots on Sky Box Office too last night and it’s very, very funny, sweet and well played by all (especially the brilliant Chiwetel Ejiofor – you might have seen him in Serenity, Melinda & Melinda, Dirty Pretty Things….?) A very entertaining night in.

Spent far too much time playing my son’s new PS2 as well… FIFA World Cup, Pro Evolution Soccer, Gran Turismo 4 (how cool is it that I can race as a classic VWW Beetle…..?!!!!!!)


One thought on “Curious George…

  1. Nice choice of Playstation games Rick!!….altho for serious fun sing to ur hearts content with Singstar!!! Much more fun when intoxicated!! xxx

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