Sculptures From Beermats…

What did I spend my Friday evening doing…?

Well went to Unknown White Male instead of The DaVinci Code and a wise choice indeed I think it was (very Yoda, that).

It’s a documentary about an English guy who lost his memory one day when he woke up on the subway. Just that. You wake up on the subway and everything that happened before, your friends, family, history, job, life, even your name are gone.

It’s also very much about him re-experiencing things (like snow for instance!) for the first time and getting to know his family and very close friends and even in some cases figure out if he wants to get to know them again.

There comes a point of realisation where he admits to the camera that he’s not sure he wants his old memories back…

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant… Do go and see it if you get the chance.

For the rest of the evening I made sculptures from beermats.