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  1. Yes, and isn’t it great? Like so many others here in Australia, I screamed for joy when Damien Leith was announced the winner of Australian Idol. Already the predictions are that he will be an international commodity before long: he definitely breaks the mould for previous Idol winners. We know that the Irish can be quite (justifiably!) blase about the musical talent they regularly export to the rest of the world, but what has been the reaction to Damien’s win over there?

  2. In ever paper here on Monday morning, on the telly and on one or two choice radio shows 🙂

  3. Choice radio shows indeed! lol

    We have just heard the news that his debut single “Night of My Life” has gone Gold in less that 72 hours…and given that some States here in Australia don’t even have it in store yet, thats quite a feat! Its also debuted on the charts tonight at Number 3 here. There seems to be a strong feeling too that the B Side, one of his own compositions, “Come to Me”, is even better than the song provided by SonyBMG, and it might do its own climb as well.

    The YouTube piece of your interview is great..did you see how many hits it got? Might be time for you to do another interview..:)

  4. Gidday Rick, your interviews have been great and got lots of airplay downunder via Damien’s fan forum. Big news last night was Damien debuted on the official ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) singles charts at Number 1, with Platinum accreditation (70,000 units sold) – in less than a week!

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