“It’s What I Live For…..”

Howya….. All true – one of my mates texted me at lunchtime to say “congratulations on the nomination, I’ll be voting for you!”. My immediate reaction to which was, of course, “ya wha?”

Turns out that, for the first time since 2001 when I started here, I’ve been nominated in the Best Irish DJ category for the Meteors. Fair play 🙂 What is blindingly obvious as a result of this is that my sudden improvement from no-hoper to potential award winner is all to do with my new show and thus the people doing all the actual work!

I can’t get them to change the nominees list to:

Alison Curtis
Ray D’Arcy
Ian Dempsey
Tom Dunne
Nikki Hayes
Rick O’Shea, Joan Torsney, Amanda Fennelly, David Byrne

but it’s the way it should be. Thanks lads 🙂

Oh, and thanks to Clionadh because she said she voted for me 🙂

I’ve started to learn origami. It rocks.

This is still up in Dalkey in the second week of November would you believe…

Mrs Santa Claus popped into the office today…

She’s really pissed off because I’m still on the naughty list…

Rod Stewart tonight just after 6! Waterford manana…


One thought on ““It’s What I Live For…..”

  1. Congrats on the nomination you little jumped up DJ ya! Up against some tough opposition but great to be up there you even beat the legend fentoni.

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