Day 1(or is it 6?!?!)……

Weird…. Have been threatening to do this kind of thing for ages and the start of the new breakfast show seemed the ideal time. The hope is that I’ll have a little time each day to ramble my ramblings along with the rest of the blogverse (is that a word..? If not I claim the copyright!)

Already we’re a week and a bit into the new show…. Having said that am I presuming too much just in case you stumbled in here accidentally?!?!?! I’m Rick O’Shea the co-presenter, along with Ms Ruth Scott, of the new breakfast show on RTE 2FM; the national broadcaster here in Ireland. Right, where was I……?

Week 2 of the show and I’m in a bustling office after brekkie (RTE canteen breakfasts…. Mmmmm….. No, seriously!) after one meeting and before another meeting. The first culture shock of presenting a breakfast show hasn’t been the early starts (actually coping quite well with the 4am starts!) but the sheer amount of work that goes into a 3 hour show 5 days a week.

Before you say it, I know! Normal folk work 8 hours a day commuting another 2 sometimes 6 days a week! I am still blessed in the amount but it’s still a culture shock 🙂 Meetings, being interviewed (and photographed!!! Really not mad about that…), playlists, music, writing, devising competitions…. All beats real work though still…. 🙂