The level of insanity….

Have just spent the last half hour trying to source a single sound on the net for a thing we’re doing on Monday! The level of devotion to quite anal perfection….!

End of the second week now and we really seem to be flying… It’s actually quite weird to be part of a large group of people working on a quite content-intensive show. This morning we had Ruth, myself, Penny (our BA), Eamon (our sports guy) and JC our producer all busy beavering away for 3 hours and the buzz you get from just having so many people to talk to and all working together on the one thing is actually really brilliant and reminds me of why I got into all of this in the first place.

Having come from an almost uninterrupted 13 years of night-time radio (i.e. me and a cup of coffee being the show’s staff!) to really having a team (go team!!) is a culture shock in itself along with the sleep deprivation, coffee overload and having people stop by my desk every 8 seconds to have a chat…

Weird, yet the loveliest thing possible, to have complete strangers stopping me in the corridor asking me how we’re getting on! 🙂

The weekend beckons (hallelujah!!) – off to see the brilliant Colin Murphy, presenter of my favourite RTE show The Blizzard Of Odd, in Vicar Street. Last time I saw him was years ago in The Shelter next door and a top night was had by all… First real social excursion out since the early mornings started too so let’s see….. 🙂