Fraggle, Bling, Dressed Dog…

Where do I start for today? How about all the things other people want me to post on my blog because they’re too lazy/undisciplined/unorganised to have their own? 🙂

Justin recommends the blog of Uncle Travelling Matt from Fraggle Rock:

Check it out HERE

And Nikki would like you all to have a sneak preview of the pictures of her and her dog (also dressed up I hasten to add…) that will appear in this week’s RTE Guide:

Weirdly no-one has yet registered, I’ve passed this information on to her… 🙂


One thought on “Fraggle, Bling, Dressed Dog…

  1. Cute doggie. I met Nikki briefly yesterday in the TTV studio (she was pre-recording for Friday) and she was talking about her poor cat that was run over by a JCB – and survived – but had lots of other near misses before succumbing to another accident.

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