Fridge Magnet Performance Art…

Gloating is so unbecoming Liam 🙁

Having said that he’s right. We arrived about 8.45 to find a couple of people in the foyer looking for a refund, headed up to the balcony to find out that he’d come on for about 10 minutes, his band (looked like they’d been beamed down from Jury’s Cabaret circa 1967) had done a couple of tunes and then it was “interval”….

He came back on to do a routine consisting partially of gags I knew the punchlines to since I was a kid, part gags that had no punchlines and seemed to go nowhere, part gags that had punchlines Liam and I just didn’t get and a couple of songs no-one had ever heard of (and I know a lot of songs!) On top of that he seemed to get lost and forget where he was a fair few times in his stories and car crash performance is something I never got a taste for…

As Liam said it looked like a brilliant League Of Gentlemen sketch, it just wasn’t….

I had to leave before the end when the band came back on and left for a stiff drink 🙁

Really loved Des Bishop in Vicar Street on Saturday – will post about that later along with piccies.


PS I know it seems to have faded into the background but it is the last week of the show this week, more on that later too including the make-up of the (very!) different new night-time show…

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