So Small I’ll Need Binoculars….

They say you should never meet your heroes and I suppose I’ve dodged the bullet up until now. Barenaked Ladies, William Shatner, Beautiful South….. All fantastic moments…

Tonight I’m worried about seeing one of my heroes.

For the first time in my living memory the legendary Ronnie Corbett is playing in Dublin and there’s a tiny part of the back off my brain that’s screaming “Don’t do it!!!!! It won’t live up to your memories of The Two Ronnies!!!”

We’ll find out…


0 thoughts on “So Small I’ll Need Binoculars….

  1. I’m amazed that your brain is big enough to have a tiny part?

    Anyway, you owe me…

    Let’s just say that when Rick and I ventured into the Olympia last night, late, we really hadn’t missed much…


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