“Good Night And Good Fuck…”

When you wake up first thing in the morning to a text from a prominent Irish blogger that ends in “Noooooooooooooooooooooooo” you know something is up, or has gone down. One of those things.

After 4 and a bit years the bright shining star of the Irish blogging community, Twenty Major, has decided enough is enough and he’s turning out the lights.


I’d like to write one of those “in case you’ve never been there here’s who he is” things but we’ve all read him, liked him (even begrudgingly if he was a little….. spiky for you), wondered just how the fuck he put out so much incredibly creative content on such a regular basis.

He was our Flann O’Brien of filth, our Jack Kennedy of ejaculatory references, our Bob Dylan of dildo jokes, our bright, shining prince of manky quality and questionable content, our……


Hang on a second.



No, seriously. I take all that back.

Quitting is for little girls in pink dresses who want a pony for Christmas and go crying to their mammy and daddy when they skin their knees on the front step.

In fact, hang on, I have a picture of me and Twenty taken at the Blog Awards last year…




Big girl.


Now he’s used the blog to get his “writing career” it’s “screw you cunts” and he’s off.

Well screw you buddy, screw you.

Instead I’m off to read…..

I’m off to read…..


There is no-one like you.

As someone just texted me, “Seriously though, we’re on our own now”…


6 thoughts on ““Good Night And Good Fuck…”

  1. darragh: well if he saved it til the books release, it’d be a great marketing stunt… cept he didn’t.

    he’s kinda been the central figure of the whole community(since mulley is more technical or something) so will this affect irish blogging as a whole?

  2. Psh.. I don’t believe that for a second. In fairness.. Twenty quitting blogging makes about as much sense as Brian Cowen being Taoiseach. Oh.. wait. Shit.

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