17 thoughts on “Saturday Night

  1. *squints at screen*
    Ummmm is it..ash from a cigarette?
    Peanut shells?
    I’m half afraid to ask..What is it Rick?!Please tell me it’s not bodily expulsion related.

  2. click on it, then enlarge it. it has writing on it, a wrapper of some sort.somebody over there should recognize the label – nothing we have here fits the bill

  3. Hehehe nope not at all, it’s just everytime i hear the words “I’m never drinking again” it’s usually related to expulsion.Of Sorts.Right i’m gonna go think happy thoughts now 😀

  4. It’s 1.50 am and I’m enlarging this photo and wrecking my brain here. I need to sleep Rick but damm you anyway and yer swanky phone…Is it a kebab wrapper or something similar?

  5. Its Rick’s happy pills!! Thats how he sounds so cheerful on the wireless!!
    Twenty Major R I P.

    Bald Devil loves you all.

  6. It looks like a toblerone wrapper but why would that be a cause for self castigation !?!

    If it’s not a kebab is it some other purchase from those purveyors of food for drunks, abrekebabra ?

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