Great Balls of…. Great Balls Of…..LINE!

More on Sunday (including what I make of The Darkness in The Point tomorrow night; being dragged by my insistent little boy) but a couple of thoughts before I finish up for the night…

Really liked the first episodes of Graham Linehan’s new sitcom The IT Crowd on Channel 4 last night. Anything that starts with Chris Morris’ face is good enough for me but by 2/3 of the way through episode 2 it had me hooked. Deliciously surreal at times with a real feel of reality and nice characters as well. Will be great to see how it pans out…

To finish, I’m not usually a critical person. At least I try not to be, I don’t think there’s anything constructive in it but just every now and then…

Went for the papers yesterday morning and had a rare moment of clarity. I usually get the Indo & The Guardian (yeah, all very highbrow, I know but if you want to know more than the latest thought to flit through Kerry Katona’s head or just what shade of blue is Peter Andre’s favourite then they’re your only man) but my eyes always stray to the tabloids just to see what’s important in their world.

Yesterday it was a rare moment of great minds thinking alike (or fools blah, blah, blah…)

The most important story in the world for the Star, Sun and Mirror? The man who sued because his private parts were burned with quicklime at a GAA game. The headline for one and all…?

Maybe they clone sub-editors all from the same single brain cell…?


3 thoughts on “Great Balls of…. Great Balls Of…..LINE!

  1. Indo is also an O’Reilly controlled rag… ‘Irish Times’ is “your only man”. The Guardian too, of course.

  2. All three used the same headline? I’ve never seen that before. I would suggest that the editors were with me in the ‘50s style nightclub last night that was playing old Jerry Lee Lewis songs, but since there are several thousand miles between us, that isn’t probable.

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