Guess The Scorer

A very strange experience watching the Champions League match last night with Sport Damo in a hostelry in town (no sign of the 8 goals yet on Youtube – anyone know where else I can find them?).

We were in the posh section of a pub that was divided into 2; where we were and the “faux dive” bit that was the other half. As the match went on we figured out that the other bar was watching the match on terrestrial and we were getting it on posh digital on the plasma. Why? The cheers every time a goal was scored AT LEAST A SECOND AND A HALF BEFORE THE BALL HIT THE BACK OF THE NET.

Thus we got to play a very entertaining game of “guess which red shirt will be the one to eventually put the ball in the back of the net” 8 times over the course of the game.

Never would have put money on Yossi 3 times…

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