I Feckin’ Love Technology…

Have borrowed a laptop from a mate who had it lying covered in dust under a bed somewhere (cheers Baz) to start actualy writing the book…

For the moment though I’m discovering the joys of my favourite cafe having free wireless so good morning!


8 thoughts on “I Feckin’ Love Technology…

  1. Ah, but then I’d have to fend off the hordes of blog groupies who’d come down just to watch the lack of typing skills I have and laugh now wouldn’t I….?


  2. Oh, you shouldnt have mentioned free wi-fi 🙂

    Please let us know where is it. 🙂

    Is it really free in the cafe or is it a case of the person who lives in the apartments upstairs not know he should secure his wi-fi router?

  3. Hey rick, in da pic (rhymes lol) it shows ure blogger profile, there are 2 blogs!!!!!!!!


  4. ….everyone seems interested in d free wi-fi…I’m more excited bout d book!!! Feel free to forward ur work in progress to me!!! Hehe!! xxx

    …seriously u can if ya like!!!!

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