Ireland 1, Nobodies 1


I know the blogosphere is going to be full of this tomorrow but I wasted another 90 minutes of my life watching the match tonight and then felt hugely conflicted when the team were booed off at the end. My little guy even agreed with them and that’s not like him at all.

I can honestly say that when Steve Finnan scored at the end I didn’t react, in fact I was actively disappointed. Harsh, I know, but true. My reasoning was that if we lost tonight then Steve Staunton’s role would be untenable come tomorrow morning and we could move on, now they may be able to prolong our collective agony for feck knows how long.

My little guy (who’s usually an encyclopaedia of football trivia even at 9!) asked me was McCartney a better Ireland manager. “Who, son?”, says I? “You know dad – Paul McCartney”

“He probably would be son, he probably would be….”

At least he could bring along his mates for the halftime singalong.

And he’s already familiar with having the support of people in green

All this was only 5 short years ago 🙁

Time to prepare our thumbs for twiddling next Summer. Never mind.

4 thoughts on “Ireland 1, Nobodies 1

  1. Was listening to it on the bus on way home and felt the same way too – no joy in the last gasp goal at all. Staunton will limp on for who knows how long now?

  2. Pathetic. Even the Finnan goal can’t save him, surely?

    19 Major was at the Germany game and when Staunton’s name was given as the answer to a quiz question beforehand it was roundly booed.

  3. Don’t know Twenty, I’ll believe anything is possible in this situation. Did you see the quote Paul McCartney (not to seem obsessed with him or anything) used the other day talking about his divorce? He quoted Winston Churchill:

    “When you are going through hell, keep going”

    Or when you are neck deep in shit, keep digging.


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