9 thoughts on “Teresa Lowe’s Retirement Fund

  1. Crikey, I remember having one of those way back when and also the Peter Murphy quiz books – loved them.

  2. Murphy’s Micro Quiz-M – was just thinking about that as well! Neighbours of ours were on the show. If anyone looked at shows like that now or, say, Bunny Carr’s Quicksilver (stop the lights!), they would probably be in fits of laughter. But it was good entertainment at the time!

  3. I love the little ‘low price’ tick under the £309.66 price tag! I’m sure we had a couple of those books. Maybe if I can root them out it’ll pay for my holiday…

  4. I know, but I do get a little upset when I see some unknown from some unknown part of the UK, USA or god knows where on Irish TV talking about a book they had just finished, and it will be in your local shop, just by chance the next dad.
    Ok so some of them are good, and it is great when we see someone from this land of ours put out a new book.
    Nevertheless, some of us who write and have been for years never get to be on the TV or Radio, ok, so we sell our books on the Internet, and most of the time, we sell more than the ones who sell in the shops.
    We are the new Irish writers and one day, some in our land will see and understand why we went to the Internet.
    We had something to say, so we said it in our own way. Are our books any good, well we as the poor Irish writers, genuinely think we are .
    Therefore, in the future if you are buying a book on the net, put irish in the Google search .

    James Hayes


  5. Come walk with me through the Street known as Silver Street, meet the ones who hold the long History of the Street in side of them. Furthermore, the new ones who live on the interesting unusual particular fascinating prominent stories told by the older ones.
    Furthermore, drop into Philly’s Bar and meet some of them, it is still the best place in the town of Nenagh for a good night out.

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