Jaysus, where the hell did that week go….?


Show stuff to update you on – thanks to the tireless work of the brilliant Donal our webmaster the breakfast show page has a rake of new stuff on it this week.

Check out:

Ronan Keating still on the road on Tuesday and “bring out your buns!!”

Our tribute to the glorious Liverpool winning the Champions League on Wednesday


On Friday I fulfilled a lifelong childhood dream when Ruth and I played Mallett’s Mallet with Timmy Mallett!!!!

No, I’m not going to bore you with a long, rambling blog entry about the Liverpool game on Wednesday night (the net is full of them already!) just to say that I now love my 7 year old son even more than I possibly could have before because when daddy said at half time, “Son, I think we should just give up on the game and go and read some bedtime stories” he said, “No daddy, maybe we’ll watch and see how many goals Milan score in the second half…” Mucho brownie points for Bobo…

Long, long week…. And already on Monday we have the Chris Martin interview I’ve been rabbiting on about for weeks, the €20,000 winner in the big 2FM competition and on Thursday we have Shaggy and Scooby Doo live in studio!!!!

Yes, I’m regressing, no I don’t care 🙂