Another Fuppin Sunday evening….

Ah, another rock and roll celebrity weekend for me…

At various points mowed the front lawn or the first time since the winter (kind of felt I had to as the jaguars now had long grass from which to pounce from), saw Team America World Police (painfully funny in places, the puppet sex scene may be the funniest thing EVER but a bit slow in fairly large parts…), bought Danny Wallace’s Random Acts Of Kindness (can see a bit for the show here), Morgan Spurlock’s Don’t Eat This Book (swift cash-in on Supersize Me? Will let you know) and Charlie Brooker’s Screen Burn (he who most recently co-wrote the brilliant Nathan Barley with Chris Morris on Channel 4… This is a series of essays on just how crap modern telly is).

Have been making painfully slow progress on my new book due to complete lack of time over the last couple of weeks what with packing and all. Love anything of Alain DeBotton’s that I’ve ever read and was looking forward to Status Anxiety for months but I go through patches like this…

Still packing…. The move is now only 6 days away….

Still listening to X&Y..

Still playing Need For Speed Underground Rivals on my PSP…

Still have hope against hope that Big Brother might be decent this year (even though I saw the launch show….. MUPPETS!!!!!!) Don’t miss the first of our BB panellists on the show tomorrow morning at 20 to 8!


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