The move, the mini-marathon and the mallet…

Hey to all still arsed reading this (very!) patchy account of the show…. The bank holiday weekend is upon us but not before we all just got a package from Timmy Mallett!! Ruth got her promised Mallett’s Mallet, I got a consolation sticking plaster with signed photos for all. Nice dude.

I have been extra quiet but packing all of our belongings into many, many large boxes has been ever so slightly trying 🙂 Moving tomorrow so offline at home for a few days which is a bit of a pain given that I’ve just bought my first ever mp3 player!

It’s a Creative 20gb Zen Touch so any tips about getting best use, prolonging battery life etc etc etc to the usual address:

Ruth doing the Women’s mini-marathon on Monday – they’ll be shoving her up near the front so shout at her if you see her (what you shout is entirely at your discretion!)

Off after this for the week (my first official week of holidays this year and it’s only June!) so be nice to Ruth while I’m away….