Jesus Of The Shadows…

Favourite blog moment of the last few days? The picture on Damien McCaul’s blog that he took that has the image of Jesus in a shadow… Some of us in the office can see it straight away, some are a touch more sceptical…


0 thoughts on “Jesus Of The Shadows…

  1. hi rick!
    I am currently doing a website project, i have to make a blog about anyhting whatsoever like games, music thats what im kinda into. Could you possibley take 1 little minute of your time to give me some advice?. I am also intested in spooky pics. sorry i did not see any jesus either lol.

    Loving the show while i revise even though you made me turn the radio up when feeder came on!

    Good Luck with evrything,
    and i swear i’ll listen to the show.

    Kind Regards
    fermanagh guy

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