Kirk of Shotts…..

Have just opened this fortnights payslip… There’s always the tiniest sliver of hope that the “Salary” column will read “€1,254,308” but alas no so the work continues…. 🙁

Anoraks on people… The strangest search engine terms continue to bring people here including in the last day alone:

Kirk of Shotts

Live breakfast show 7 o clock friday the 4th

Pixies ringtones, here comes your man

Shark tale movie blurb

Rick O’Shea wage” (Cheeky!!!!)

The already mentioned:

Berets for kids for sale in dublin 4

And one bizarre surfer from Monaghan who chose to put the url of the site into a search engine:

All a bit too post modern for me…


PS Hello to everyone surfing at work or at home but, strangely, students seem to be wasting a disproportionate amount of time here and for that I’m grateful and impressed 🙂

Hello UCD, (loads of!) DCU, UCC, LYIT, NUI Galway and IT Carlow people just in the last few hours…