Johnny Freakin’ Logan…. Sweet….

A rushed one today but what’s new, eh? 🙂 Firstly, finally, proof that sales people are 12 foot reptiles…

Johnny Logan in the flesh last night – nothing worse than when a man in his 50s easily looks better than you, but I digress… He was brilliant – you can listen to the whole gory love-in, including where I’ve convinced him to write Ireland’s Eurovision entry this year HERE 🙂

Question of the day – why do my packets of sugar have numbers on them…..?

Anyhew… The D to the O’D is on the show tonight amongst a million other random moments we haven’t thought of yet….


3 thoughts on “Johnny Freakin’ Logan…. Sweet….

  1. Yup, the humble walkman, that you got as a present when you went into hospital(ahh, memories)

  2. This I can answer, the printing plate prints around 25 – 50 of these
    at a time and the flexographic plates wear easily and when numbered
    they can be replaced individually.

    I was into that shit before I start making comics

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