Simple as that.

Tonight after 6 the legend of light entertainment that is Bruce Forsyth 🙂

Duke Special after 8, the guy who’s putting on the Lord Of The Rings musical in London tomorrow, Director on Wednesday, The Immediate at the launch of the 2FM 2moro 2our on Thursday and tons more besides 🙂


5 thoughts on “Wow…

  1. Listened to the show earlier on and it was great. But I have a problem that’s driving me mad and I need some help. I’m working late this week and try to listen to the show in between y’know actually working. It was quiet when Hasselhoff’s song was on, typical right? But then I couldn’t get a chance to listen properly when the next song came on. The little snippits I heard were absolutely brilliant, and I couldn’t even hear who the singer was!

    *curses woman with a huge trolley load of shopping*

    please…please…please tell me who was singing that really beautiful song as it’s still going round and round in my head.

    I can offer tea and a twix as a bribe if that helps…

  2. Hmmm….. Winged it a bit there last night – any hints as to what it sounded like?

  3. It was a song about putting a penny in the slot, if that makes any sense? Honestly I can still sing along bits and pieces of it, but that’s not much help here though…

    *voice trails off*

    ah ha! I think it was an Irish guy singing it, would it have been Foinn somebody? Honestly my memory is useless, but it’s a brilliant song and I’ve been trying to explain to everyone today how great it is. The fact that it came after Hasselhoff just made it seem even more perfect!

  4. Ach sure you have it all by yourself 🙂 It is called Put A Penny In The Slot and Fionn Regan is the guy you’re looking for…


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