Langer. The Word Even Dubs Know These Days…

Jaysus! Got mentioned for the first time ever today on the legendary People’s Republic Of Cork website! Shame it’s not for the show, the music or the actual blog itself but instead for My Lovely Horse… *sighs* See it HERE

Paul posted to the comments earlier:

paul said…
2fm should get into the podcasting thing… maybe just putting up highlights of certain shows on friday do it in the uk for their national stations

Definitely a great idea but as far as I know shows in Ireland can only include speech content and not music for copyright reasons which would render podcasting my little spot a bit redundant given that the music is the best bit 🙂

Just in, more later…


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  1. since RTE do a live stream of 2fm, it’s relative easy to just sample the stream in Audacity, mp3 it and just release it on Bittorent.

    of course , 2fm couldnt do it. but somebody somewhere could do it for the enormous ex-pat Irish community out there in the wider world.

  2. if anyone wants an mp3 of the first hour of rick’s new show shoot me an email (

    i’ve got the first 3 hours of rick and ruth’s breakfast show too..

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