The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…

Random ramblings for the day… I am aware that I look a bit like a shopaholic after one of you guys texted me that as being your assessment last night on the show and as a result I’d like to further add fuel to that mixed metaphor.


Was in H&M in the planet-like Dundrum Centre today and are these not the finest pants ever? Pants you could get married in, pants you could be buried in, pants you could seduce Kate Winslet in…


IT’S NOT FECKIN’ CHRISTMAS YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next already have the trees up in the window weeks ahead of Hallowe’en. That’s just wrong Ted.


The relationship between me and multinationals of all creeds and colours has always been a fractious one. Mostly I think they’re evil; just occasionally misguided. Having said that I’m only human and occasionally I have my lapses… With the Sinex for scale this is the “Venti” size mug of Latte you can get in Starbucks… It’s evil, EVIL I TELLS YA!!!! Sweet sweet coffee…… I’m now deliberately going shopping there just for the coffee and the skinny muffins 🙂

Tonight on the show The Revs live in studio, The Frames from Oxegen and much, much less…