Last Of The Famous…

You should firstly know the level of my devotion to duty.

As you may or may not know we’re doing a “Lose The Booze” challenge this week til Wednesday. No alcohol of any kind for any listeners taking part, or for any of us on the show.

Thus, nothing stronger than this passed my lips:


Caught most of The New York Dolls doing support and they were just jawdropping for most of the time…



Then Morrissey exploded on stage (warning – may not contain actual explosion)






Apologies for the shiteness of the photos but I was in a decent spot fairly close to the stage and didn’t want to move…

He rocked the Casbah as per usual, did a bit of the Gaeilge, blew us all away with How Soon Is Now and then was gone just past the curfew into the night.

Glad I made the effort to go down.

But just one thing from me and the rest of the crowd – trying to get thousands of people out one small gate was lunacy. People could have been hurt if there’d been any kind of crush and there should have been multiple exits.

Tiny rant over.

3 thoughts on “Last Of The Famous…

  1. i took my nana to IMMA yesterday to have a gawk at the “art” (her air quotes) and we stood a while to watch the New York Dolls do their soundcheck. “i’d be asking for my monmey back, that’s awful noise!” she grumbled. i was inclined to agree, glad to hear they got their shit together for the main event!

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