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The lovely Sinead wrote a post a while back about the books in her inbox:


I was suitably inspired to do the same and then totally forgot of course until I was reminded about it while staring at my bookshelf this evening 🙂 So, on the principal of better late than never, I’m going to put them all together and make a start.

My problem is that I am always adding to the pile faster than I can take away. I tell myself that I have 20 books to read but there’s always that one I see that I absolutely have to have 🙂

So, currently in the “to be read” pile for periods varying from one week to five years are:


Ben Dolnick – Zoology

JRR Tolkein – Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

E.H. Gombrich – The Story Of Art

James Frey – A Million Little Pieces

Various – Seven Hundred Penguins

Joseph Stiglitz – Globalisation And Its Discontents

Kurt Vonnegut – Slaughterhouse Five

Albert Speer – Inside The Third Reich

Quentin Crisp – The Naked Civil Servant

Toni Morrison – Sula

Raviv Chandrasekaran – Imperial Life In the Emerald City

Michael Chabon – The Yiddish Policeman’s Union

David Mitchell – Black Swan Green

Carl Sagan – Cosmos

Scarlett Thomas – The End Of Mr Y

Ray Bradbury – The Martian Chronicles

Will Ferguson – Hokkaido Highway Blues

Noel Coward – The Complete Stories

Mark Brandon Read – Chopper

Jean Cocteau – Les Enfants Terribles

Christopher Buckely – Thank You For Smoking

J.P. Donleavy – The Ginger Man

Charlie Brooker – Screen Burn

Morecambe & Wise – Eric And Ernie

George Kearns & Patrick Maguire – The A To Z Of All Old Dublin Cinemas

Francis Wheen – How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered The World

Charlie Chaplin – My Autobiography

Jeffrey Sachs – The End Of Poverty

Robert H. Frank – The Economic Naturalist

George Monbiot – Bring On The Apocalypse

Jonathan Lethem – The Fortress Of Solitude

Mikhail Bulgakov – The Master And Margarita

Magnus Mills – The Restraint Of Beasts

Flann O’Brien – The Third Policeman


Wow that was theraputic… 34 books. Right. Best get started so.

Fancy making your own list?


11 thoughts on “2 B Red

  1. my own list includes Jeffrey Sachs The End of Poverty. Ive read the first two chapters, and although part of it seem technical, most of it seems fairly easy (for me) to understand – its not as intimidating as I thought it would be.

    I say start with Lord of the Rings! (or rent the extended DVD 🙂

    I’ll come back later and add my own list (or blog it on my blog – or both. dinner doth currently call)

  2. I truly agree with consciousness awakening part of the post.!
    People rating poverty as poor from their hearts is the first step towards any revolution to be taking place..

    The Millennium Development goals of the UN..works this principle..!
    They want people to think..question themselves and then come forward to their bit in the cause..!
    It has being doing enormous efforts on these lines….
    This year UN will be shifting its focus on India, with Stand Up and Take action event and getting many hands together to fulfill the 8 goals…
    Be updated….with the latest happeningss..

  3. Rick! That’s huge!

    You’re going to have to stop yourself from buying more books until you’ve read all of these. I’ve started a list of books that I’m only going to buy once I’ve emptied my Book Inbox.

    I’m nearly finished the Shatner autobiography though, it’s wonderful. Despite being drenched with ego, it’s honest, charming and funny too.

    Good luck with the reading!

  4. Francis Wheen I was very disappointed with. The Chopper book (hes now written about eight of ’em) reads like Twenty Major with guns. In prison.

    Flann O Brien? can’t go wrong.

    Albert Speers book is funny in a you make me sick way. Ve didn’t know vat was going on, and ven i found out I vas disgusted. Clever man who put his skills to some awful use. Anyone know of a good Rudolph Hess book out there?

  5. Donna, seen the DVDs and that would defeat the purpose surely!!! 😉

    Paul I’ve read almost everything Arthur Clarke wrote and can highly recommend them all.

    Sinéad, why thank you 🙂 I interviewed him once (after the Ben Folds album) and he was very much in that mould…

    Baz commented. Feck. I didn’t know he even read here. Is the world about to end? 🙂

  6. The Ben Folds album is a real treasure, really hope Shatner makes another one. If you ever interview him again, I’ll sell my soul to you if I can come too! Did you get a photo with him? I’d definitely like to see THAT.

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