Now That’s What I Call A Weekend Volume 99

Remember I told you about Jay-Z doing 99 Problems with the AC/DC backing in the RDS on Thursday? Turns out he did the same at Glastonbury 🙂

But not before he’d started in the finest “screw you Noel gallagher” fashion possible…

And done a brilliant, brilliant interview with Jonathan Ross the previous night:

Which Rossie then topped with a sparring match of the highest order with Will Smith:

Thanks Rpzzzzzzzz

2 thoughts on “Now That’s What I Call A Weekend Volume 99

  1. I knew bugger all about Jay-z and how talented he is before this week, when I spent a bit of time researching. These interviews just confirm why Will Smith and himself are worthy of the praise and reaction they get – cos they’re talented men who believe in themselves and live the life I guess!

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