Less Seattle, More Italia…

And following on from my little rant about the small retailer HERE I took the pictures below over a week ago now at a place called Mr Coffee around the corner from Harcourt Street. The new Starbucks has opened down by the Luas station there and they have chosen to fight back in their own unique way 🙂



One thought on “Less Seattle, More Italia…

  1. Glad they are putting up a fight, hopefully they keep trading but experience in the UK with the arrival of starbucks in an area has been depressing reading for anyone who treasures a bit of diversity in the main street shopping experience.

    This guy needs a better poster for a start. Now, if there are any designers/poster printers out there, get some good PR vibes going by designing a really cool cartoon character for Mr. Coffee’s shop and then get a really in your face colour poster designed and get coverage in the newspapers…

    C’mon Mr. Coffee.. I’m rambling a bit as I’m very tired but assuming Mr. Coffee’s product is better he should survive with better marketing than the white poster.

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