There’s Cocaine In It!

What is it about tea?

I’d avoided it almost completely up until 3 or 4 years ago (first Coke, then juice, the water, then coffee being my preferred poisons). It was the drink of my mother, the drink of my grandparents and thus to be avoided at all costs! Then one day out of the blue the Mrs Doyle hassle factor of Irish society finally broke me down and now it’s 4 or 5 cups a day.

And most of the time I’m not even thirsty! It’s a theraputic/habit/boredom kind of thing…

I hope what they say about how it’s supposed to be good in warding off Alzheimer’s is true…


One thought on “There’s Cocaine In It!

  1. I’m the opposite when it comes to tea! I drank so much tea as a child visiting my cousins in Shrule, Co Mayo for a week, that i swore i would never drink tea again! And i haven’t!

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