Londinium – Part One – Swiss Re

I have donkey loads of these to put up so I may as well get started – feel free to skip ahead if you’re easily bored 🙂

I was in London over the weekend for a flying visit and ended up having three honest to goodness religious experiences, the first of which was totally unexpected.

Remember I was talking about Norman Foster a while back? Well turns out my train into the city form the airport brought me into Liverpool Street. I saw something looming ahead on the way in, guessed that we were going to end up close to it and asked my travelling companion “can we just go outside for a mo, just to have a look around before we get in the Tube?”

And then, there, in the glorious sunny, balmy afternoon, something loomed over the surrounding buildings, less then ten minutes of a walk away.


I then proceeded to spend the next half hour fetishising it for every angle. It’s truly design porn for me. Because it was Saturday and the business district it was very quiet around apart from a few people sitting near looking up and taking pictures in the calm warmth. There was almost an air of reverence around it…




We’re now best friends 🙂


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