Londinium – Part Two – The Globe


This is slightly shorter as the second of my religious experiences I had over the weekend is one I couldn’t really take pictures in, at least not many…

Went to Shakespeare’s Globe as they call it down by the riverbank for their fantastic production of King Lear. It’s incredible to see people who know what they’re doing play out something like this. No amplification, no artificial sound effects, just the staging of the time and all in the most incredible auditorium open to the warm London Saturday night sky.



Even all three and a quarter hours of it with me standing in the pit after a day of walking around the city could put me off, I’m determined to go back when they put on A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Summer.

It was simply amazing.

No pictures allowed, so, of course, I took a swift one when no-one was looking. I’m not good with rules 🙂



And a few when they were taking bows and after…



Some enterprising soul has put up a curtain call on Youtube:

Ended up on a houseboat on the Thames at 2am…


It’s all bngr’s fault. She seems unpreturbed.


3 thoughts on “Londinium – Part Two – The Globe

  1. brilliant architecture. our shakespeare is in the park with virtually no props and goose droppings to avoid while standing 🙂

  2. Check out this video of the closing dance in King Lear. Its truly is the best thing ever. I just wish someone would put the whole thing up.

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