Londinium – Part Three – Tate Modern

And then there was the third part…

For years I’ve wanted to go to the Tate Modern and it didn’t disappoint. Even the walk over from Blackfriars over Norman Foster’s (have I mentioned him before 😉 Millennium Bridge is breathtaking…

St. Paul’s on one end, the Tate on the other…

Before you even get to any of the works on show there’s the vast turbine hall. No installation on at the mo after they filled in the crack



And the slightly impressive view from the restaurant…



You are, of course, not supposed to take pictures anywhere inside the actual galleries themselves. I was mostly good. It’s hard not to get very, very, very excited when around every corner you’re confronted with Picasso, Pollack, Magritte, Miro, Lichtenstein, Warhol… And then I turned a corner to be confronted by something that made me palpitate like it was Christmas morning and I was four…. And Santa had just brought me a pony.



You can’t do him in black and white in fairness. My favourite artist ever. I was never the same again after that exhibition of his work from around the world that was held in the Hugh Lane 8 or 9 years agon and I haven’t seen anything of his in person since.


After a while I got information overload and couldn’t take any more in, genuiely. We must have been there for about four hours before we had to bail to the airport.

Managed a couple of other shufty ones. One from the propaganda section:



And this one where the artist flattened loads of silver items, cigarette cases, trombones, forks, platters and then hung them all from the ceiling in the shape of thirty pieces of silver. Just fascinating.



That’s before the THIRTEEN rooms of the current major Duchamp, Ray, Piccabia exhibition including the legend that is Fountain…



I saw half of it. I WILL be back. Soon. You should go.

They do great sausage ciabattas on their breakfast menu.

3 thoughts on “Londinium – Part Three – Tate Modern

  1. Rick O Shea, you have made me REALLY REALLY miss London. Not only have you taken amazing shots but you hit some of the highlights of my time there too.

    I’d say “Damn you” if I wasn’t going over soon, so you’ve really whet my appetite. Great posts 🙂

  2. even though I quite enjoy looking at other’s art (as well as my own) i very often dont ‘get’ it when it comes to the odd and unusual displays. I find that much modern art seems to be pretentious – even after i read their little blurb on what their vision was for the piece, it still seems just too weird to be art. for example, there was an artist here who did a play on bacon’s art.. but his show was 13 identical sketches of bacon in black and white, each with a different spot of red on bacon to simulate wounds and a kill. just too odd ball for me i’m afraid.

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