London 2 – The Star Trek Preview Footage


This was the real reason I was there today – thanks hugely to Anna at Paramount for the trip. Me, Amanda and hundreds of other media types and geeks at what we were told was the first screening of this footage outside the studio.

We got 20 mins roughly in 4 scenes introduced by JJ Abrams himself (could have done with more of him – he was warm, friendly, self deprecating…) and Simon Pegg (more about him in a second).

I won’t analyse each scene – Empire online have done a far more comprehensive job of it here. BE WARNED THERE ARE SUBSTANTIAL SPOILERS:

Suffice to say that scene one is fantastic – Kirk is a real prick punk and gets his head nearly kicked in for chatting up Uhura when he’s drunk at a very old fashioned bar full of aliens in sight of a very high tech Starfleet construction base in the middle of nowhere. It’s tight, funny, sharp and the characters fizz off the screen at you. I didn’t know Bruce Greenwood was playing Captain Pike either, very nice.

Abrams 1 Doubters 0

The second scene is action all the way as Kirk is smuggled on board the Enterprise by Bones. Again, just the right mix of comedy, action and all the new actors fill the shoes very nicely apart from Zach Quinto as Spock. He is brilliant in the very short burst of him we get and Abrams is getting an extra half point just for that casting. There’s a brief moment of a menacing Eric Bana (I’m not sure about him in anything since Hulk but I hold my judgement because you don’t really see him) and we get to see a glimpse of Winona Ryder too. Lovely.

Abrams 2 1/2 Doubters 0

Scene three was introduced by Simon Pegg as it’s where we’re introduced to Scotty AND LEONARD NIMOY AS SPOCK!!! Spock from the future. We’re not really told why. This does not matter in the slightest, obviously. Scotty seems to get all the best comic lines and Simon Pegg waltzes through it with ease.

Abrams 3 1/2 Doubters 0

Last one is the real action. Very Abrams-style stuff. More please. in fact that’s the only real problem from the morning. We all went out complaining that we wanted to see the whole finished product…

Abrams 4 1/2 Doubters 0

We also got the new trailer (it’s very, very good) and…



A win/win/win situation for all concerned.

7 thoughts on “London 2 – The Star Trek Preview Footage

  1. I’m guessing the whole Spock from the future thing is there to justify the rebooting of the series. By going back in time Spock presumably changes the past creating a new time line, which we will now get to see in a series of new films. This way you don’t have to worry about contradicting events which happened in the TV series as it is a separate time line.

  2. I’m not reading ANY spoilers. But I did read this post. Spock from the future? Awesome. I f**king love time travel. Who doesn’t? I’m really glad you enjoyed what you saw, have been really disappointed in the Trek franchise since the last season of Voyager, dying to see this now. Will be the first in line, probably alone! but happy!

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