London 3 – Annie Bacon Pictures?

Then spent the rest of the day in the incredible Annie Leibovitz exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery:


And the staggering Francis Bacon exhibition at Tate Britain:


I was at the one in the Hugh Lane in 2000 and this is vastly superior – they even have a Bacon shop! I bought far too much… Including some Bacon notebooks, postcards, a tiny wooden Tate Britain to go with my wooden Tate Modern in my wooden London on my shelf, and this:



Even managed to get some pictures during all the wandering…








9 thoughts on “London 3 – Annie Bacon Pictures?

  1. Francis Bacon rocks.
    Saw the exhibition in Dublin a while back.
    There was a special with Tim Marlow(who I fancy,weird crush,don’t ask) on Bacon on Sky Arts.
    When I saw it I squeed cause I thought he had come to the Hugh Lane gallery, but it was at the Tate instead*huffpuff*:(
    Oh well

  2. Oooh, nearly forgot to say, there is also a special on Bacon, voiced over by Derek Jacobi of I Claudius fame(yes I know he was in the other thing I’m obsessed with too, and how brillo was he in it, eh)

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